NAME PhD Subject Jury + Abstract PDF DEFENSE DATE
HAIDAR Bassem A Techno-Economic Analysis of the Electric Vehicle Transition: Policy, Infrastructure, Usage, and Design     10/12/2021
GANDIA Rodrigo Innovation in ecosystem business models : An application to MaaS and Autonomous vehicles in urban mobility system Here Here 23/04/2020
PIGNEUR Judith Mise au point d'une méthode intégrée d'analyse des impacts des filières de matières premières minérales Here Here 19/12/2019
TLILI OLFA Hydrogen Systems: What Contribution to the Energy System? Findings from multiple modelling approaches Here Here 07/11/2019
DERNIS Mathieu Modeling and measuring values brought to host country for assisting decisions in In-Country-Value strategies elaboration Here Here 31/03/2019