16 Professors

BARROS Anne anne Safety & Risks Stochastic modelling, Degradation modelling, Prognostic, Condition based and predictive maintenance, Reliability analysis arobase SA279 +33 (0)
BOY Guy André GAB Design Engineering Human-Systems Integration, Human-Centered Design, Cognitive engineering, Human-Computer Interaction, Human Factors and Ergonomics, Knowledge management, Artificial Intelligence, Complexity Science, Organization Design and Management, Advanced Interaction Media, Life Critical Systems, Modeling and Simulation, Aerospace Systems. arobase SB214 +33 (0)
DA COSTA Pascal pascal Sustainable Economy Sustainable development, Climat, environment and energy, Ecosystem services, Optimal resources exploitation, Optimal pollution, Innovation, Endogenous growth theories, Imperfect competition arobase SB240 +33 (0)
DALLERY Yves yves Operation Management Supply chain management, Supply chain design, Service operations arobase SB218  
FOURNIER Guy guy fournier Sustainable Economy • Sustainable mobility • New innovative business models, emerging ecosystems of mobility • autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles • International economy and sustainable development arobase    
JANKOVIC Marija marija Design Engineering Complex system design, System architecture design, Innovation engineering, Collaborative engineering, Healthcare system engineering arobase SB235 +33 (0)
JEMAI Zied zied Operation Management Supply chain management, Competition and coordination in supply chain, Inventory management of perishable items arobase SA233 +33 (0)
JOUINI Oualid oualid Operation Management Stochastic modeling, Service operations management, Call centers, Healthcare systems arobase SA233 +33 (0)
LE CARDINAL Julie julie Design Engineering Facilitating decision-making, Systemic modeling, Knowledge management, Choice of actors, Complex system design, Healthcare system engineering arobase SB245 +33 (0)
MARLE Franck franck Design Engineering Project management, Complex projects, Contracts & procurement, project risks, Project vulnerability, Complexity modeling, Topological analysis, Propagation analysis, Clustering, Decision-making arobase SB243 +33 (0)
NICOLAI Isabelle isabelle Sustainable Economy Eco-innovation, Disruptive technology, Multi-agents and criteria decision-making, User-centred  design, Business model arobase SB227 +33 (0)
PEREZ Yannick yannick Sustainable Economy Market design, Energy economics, Electro-mobility arobase SB224 +33 (0)
PUCHINGER Jakob jakob Operation Management Urban mobility, Transport optimization, Combinatorial optimization, Exact and heuristic optimization methods, Operations research arobase SA243 +33 (0)
RIANE Fouad riane Operation Management Supply chain management, Supply chain design et optimisation, Opérations research, Operations management, Lean Six Sigma,  Modeling and simulation of production systems of goods and services arobase    
SAHIN Evren evren Operation Management Suplly chain management, Production, Internal logistics, Operations management, Service operations management, Healthcare engineering arobase SB218 +33 (0)
YANNOU Bernard bernard Design Engineering Design automation, Design methodologies, Product development, Innovation engineering, Eco-design, Artificial intelligence in design, Design processes and management arobase SB261 +33 (0)

1 Associate Professors

MOUNOUD Eléonore eleonore Sustainable Economy Sustainable development, Innovation, Management arobase SA235 +33 (0)

10 Assistant Professors

CLUZEL François françois Design Engineering Eco-design, Innovation engineering, Eco-innovation, Industrial ecology, Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA), Artificial intelligence in design, Design automation arobase SB253 +33 (0)
FANG Yiping yiping Safety & Risks Risk, Reliability and resilience assessment, Optimization, Complex engineering systems, Critical infrastructure, Uncertainty quantification, Stochastic and robust optimization arobase SA277 +33 (0)
GHAFFARI Asma asma Operation Management Decision aid, Supply Chain, Operation research, Decision making modelling and analysis arobase SA269 +33 (0)
LAME Guillaume lame Operation Management Health services research, Healthcare operations management, Problem structuring methods arobase SB226  
LEGROS Benjamin benjamin Operation Management Call centers, Stochastic modeling, Service operations management, Healthcare systems arobase    
LEROY Yann yann Design Engineering Ecodesign, Life cycle assessment, Sustainable design, Eco-innovation, Industrial engineering, Life cycle engineering, Recycling arobase SB228 +33 (0)
SENOUCI Mehdi mehdi Sustainable Economy Economic growth and fluctuations, Economic theory, International financial macroeconomics arobase SB216 +33 (0)
VALLET Flore flore Design Engineering Eco-design, Innovation engineering, Eco-innovation, Life cycle assessment, Urban mobility, Sustainable mobility, Industrial design arobase SB227 +33 (0)
VIDAL Ludovic  Alexandre alex Design Engineering Project management, Risk management, Complexity, System thinking arobase    
ZENG Zhiguo zeng Safety & Risks Reliability, Dynamic risk analysis, Prognostics and health management, Uncertainty quantification arobase SA271 +33 (0)

1 Adjunct Professors

ATTIAS Danielle danielle Sustainable Economy

Electromobility, New buisness models for Automotiv industry, Innovavite mobility and Public Policies

arobase SB225 +33 (0)

6 ATER- Postdoctoral Researchers

ABDIN Islam islam Safety & Risks Techno-economic modeling, Robust optimisation, Resilience of complex systems, Operational flexibility of electric power systems, Integration of renewable energy sources. arobase SA227 +33 (0)
ANTONIALLI Fabio fabio Sustainable Economy Buisness platforms and buisness models, Product-service systems, Autonomous vehicles, Autonomous shuttles, Mobility-as-a-service, economic and social evolution


SA273 +33 (0)
BENBITOUR Hichame hicham Operation Management Supply chain management, Internal logistics, Operations management, Operations research, Demand forecasting. arobase SA229  
FAURIAT William william Safety & Risks Reliability analysis, condition-based and predictive maintenance (CBM/PHM), stochastic modeling, Bayesian methods, statistical learning, decision under uncertainty arobase SA273 +33 (0)
HEIN Andréas andreas Design Engineering Systems engineering, Systems architecture, Space systems, Eco-industrial parks, Product service systems, Autonomous vehicles, Industrial symbiosis arobase SB222 +33 (0)
SAIDANI Michael michael Design Engineering Circular economy, Sustainable design, Eco-design, Eco-innovation, Life cycle assessment, Environmental evaluation, Circularity indicators, Industrial engineering, Heavy vehicle industry arobase    

45 PhD Candidates

ACHAMRAH Fatima Ezzahra fatima Operation Management   01/11/2019 arobase  
ASSIS DE SOUZA Thais tassis Sustainable Economy   10/01/2020 arobase  
AUPETIT Benjamin aupetit Safety & Risks Probabilistic model-checking of AltaRica 3.0 models. 25/09/2014 arobase  
BELLE Andrea BelleA Safety & Risks Prévention contre les attaques extérieures pour les infrastructures critiques 01/11/2019 arobase SA249
BOLIFRAUD Sylvain sylvain Design Engineering

Methodology of reduction of uncertainties- Application to claims management in construction project


01/11/2017 arobase  
CARMARA DIT PINTO Stélian CamaraS Design Engineering

Conception Anthropocentrée d'un Jumeau Numérique pour la Capitalisation et l‘Exploitation des Connaissances


21/04/2019 arobase SB215
CHARTIER Léo léo Safety & Risks

Concepts, methods and toolds for model-based engineering

02/11/2017 arobase  
CHOUAKI Tarek tarek Operation Management   01/12/2019 arobase  
DAMAK Youssef youssef Design Engineering Operational Context-Based Architecture Generation of Autonomous Vehicles in Outsourced R&D 01/12/2016 arobase SB215
DUFAU Nelly inconnu Design Engineering   16/12/2019 arobase  
FAKHFAKH Sarra sarra Design Engineering

Proposition of a Product and Service SoS design methodology in the context of new mobilities for an OEM.


02/11/2017 arobase SB215
FATFOUTA Naouress naouress Design Engineering

Analysis and Diagnosis Support for Car Crash Simulation Results


01/03/2017 arobase SB215
FREITAS GOMES Icaro Icaro Sustainable Economy Optimization of electrical storage forms in an energy transition framework. 03/09/2018 arobase SB215
GANDIA Rodrigo inconnu Sustainable Economy   11/09/2018    
HAIDAR Bassem bassem Sustainable Economy

Analysis of the strategies of operators of low-carbon recharging infrastructure: electric and hydrogen


15/11/2018 arobase SB215
HAMDAN Sadèque Mohammad hamdan Operation Management

Stochastic Air Traffic Flow Management


11/12/2017 arobase SB215
HORSCHUTZ NEMOTO Eliane Eliane Sustainable Economy   01/10/2019 arobase  


Design Engineering

A Systems Enginerring Approach for the Design of a Complex System - Application to a Smart Autonomous Vehicle Cockpit.

20/01/2019 arobase SB215
JAGU Emma emma Sustainable Economy Deployment of Bio Energy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS): an economic analysis. 04/11/2019 arobase SB215
JAROUDI Inès Ines Sustainable Economy   15/11/2019   SB215
KILANI Meriam meriam Design Engineering   20/05/2019 arobase SA249
LAKHMI Najoua najoua Operation Management

Optimisation des flux d'emballages réutilisables dans le contexte d'une supply chain automobile


12/01/2018 arobase SB215
LAUVERGNE Rémi rémi Sustainable Economy Impacts et opportunités des nouvelles mobilités pour le système électrique 15/09/2019 arobase SB215
LITTLE Emily emilie Sustainable Economy L'avenir de la gestion de la capacité d'interconnexion transfrontalière en Europe 01/10/2019 arobase SB215
LYNCH Arthur arthur Sustainable Economy La compétitivité économique du parc nucléaire français dans la transition énergétique 04/11/2019 arobase SB215
MA Yiming yiming Design Engineering

Analyzing the relevance of serious game elements for effectively teach innovation process.


09/10/2017 arobase SB215

Sustainable Economy

Design Engineering

La performance environnementale comme levier de développement socio-économique d'une entreprise ?

Le cas de SNCF Réseau

15/10/2019 arobase SB215
METAIS Marc Olivier Marc-olivier Sustainable Economy Optimisation des infrastructures de recharge pour véhicules électriques dans un territoire 01/10/2019 arobase SB215
MOUBDI Diya diya Design Engineering

Enseigner les processus d'innovation radicale par le blended learning, le learning-by-doing et le serious gaming.


18/06/2017 arobase SB215
NGUYEN Hoang-Phuong nguyen Safety & Risks Maintenance scheduling based on PHM approaches under nonstationary environment 01/10/2016 arobase SA249
QASIM Lara lara Design Engineering

Model-Based System Reconfiguration


20/11/2017 arobase SB215
RAVIGNE Emilien emilien Sustainable Economy

Interactions between energy transition policies and inequalities


02/01/2019 arobase SB215
ROLOS Chloé RolosC Design Engineering Conception anthropocentrée d’un système robotique d’opérations sur plateforme pétrolière 15/10/2018 arobase SB215
SALEHY Yasmine yasmine Design Engineering

Total simulation of refrigerating machine usage performance for guiding R&D of innovative technological bricks


01/10/2018 arobase SB215
SALIHOU Fawaz SalihouF Sustainable Economy Incitations économiques et non-économiques au report modal vers des solutions de mobolité durable 01/10/2019 arobase SB215
SANTAMARIA-ACEVEDO Gustavo gustavo Operation Management

Optimization of patient flow in Emergency Surgery Rooms: A Data Analytics approach.


12/11/2017 arobase SB215
SANTOS Francisco José santos Sustainable Economy Business model innovation in an ecosystem context. The case of electric vehicle industry. 01/09/2019 arobase SB215
SELMI Haythem selmi Operation Management

Investigating the connection between Supply Chain Management and Finance.


17/10/2016 arobase SB215
SU Yue YSue Operation Management Pickup and delivery problems with electric vehicles 15/09/2019 arobase SA249
TANG Daogui tang Safety & Risks

Analysis of the resilience of Smart Grids to Social Networks Based Attacks


01/09/2017 arobase SB215
VILLANUEVA Marcel Lowell marcel Design Engineering

New Approaches to Assess and Reduce Financial Cost and Environmental Impact for Orange Digital Services


15/10/2018 arobase SB215
WANG Hongping wang Safety & Risks

Risk analysis in the integrated power and transportation systems


01/10/2017 arobase SA249
YU Shaohua yu Operation Management

Optimization models and methods for tour planning in smart urban logistics


03/10/2017 arobase SB215
ZENG Yizeng zeng Operation Management   09/01/2018 arobase  
ZHOU Rongyan zhou Design Engineering

How to Master Data with the Industry 4.0 Management Style


17/11/2017 arobase SB215