Within this axis, we are interested in both new production methods of hyper-connected factories of the future and, more generally, the design of connected systems.

In terms of the industry of the future, the aim is to develop new approaches and to transform production methods in industry and in a broader scope to master "performance 4.0" in companies.

The objective is to support companies in their transition from a traditional industry to the industry of future. This industry must be more respectful of the environment, thanks to less resource-consuming, more intelligent and flexible modes of production generating less waste, while rethinking the man-machine interface.


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This research concerns digital transformations of the industrial model such as:

  • Transformation of business models by digital enterprises
  • Modernization of the production tool
  • More integrated design, marketing, supplier and sales functions
  • Switching from mass production of standard products to mass production of more personalized products

Moreover, we also consider in this axis the design of any connected system in the broad sense: connected systems of product type (example: health monitoring systems) as well as production systems as already evoked by "industry of future".


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Industry 4.0

Smart manufacturing

Connected factory

Smart factory

Machine learning

Connected systems