10 Academics

NAME PHOTO Function KEYWORDS Mail Office Phone
BENBITOUR Hichame hicham Postdoctoral Researchers Supply chain management, Internal logistics, Operations management, Operations research, Demand forecasting. arobase SA229  
DALLERY Yves yves Professor Supply chain management, Supply chain design, Service operations arobase SB218  
GHAFFARI Asma asma Assistant Professor Decision aid, Supply Chain, Operation research, Decision making modelling and analysis arobase SA269 +33
JEMAI Zied zied Professor Supply chain management, Competition and coordination in supply chain, Inventory management of perishable items arobase SA233 +33
JOUINI Oualid oualid  Professor Stochastic modeling, Service operations management, Call centers, Healthcare systems arobase SA233 +33
LAME Guillaume lame Assistant Professor Health services research, Healthcare operations management, Problem structuring methods arobase SB226  
LEGROS Benjamin benjamin Assistant Professor Call centers, Stochastic modeling, Service operations management, Healthcare systems arobase    
PUCHINGER Jakob jakob Professor Urban mobility, Transport optimization, Combinatorial optimization, Exact and heuristic optimization methods, Operations research arobase SA243 +33
RIANE Fouad riane Professor Supply chain management, Supply chain design et optimisation, Opérations research, Operations management, Lean Six Sigma,  Modeling and simulation of production systems of goods and services arobase    
SAHIN Evren evren Professor Suplly chain management, Production, Internal logistics, Operations management, Service operations management, Healthcare engineering arobase SB218 +33


9 PhD Candidates

NAME PHOTO PhD Subject START Mail Office
ACHAMRAH Fatima Ezzahra fatima   01/11/2019 arobase  
CHOUAKI Tarek tarek   01/12/2019 arobase  
HAMDAN Sadèque Mohammad hamdan

Stochastic Air Traffic Flow Management


11/12/2017 arobase SB215
LAKHMI Najoua najoua

Optimisation des flux d'emballages réutilisables dans le contexte d'une supply chain automobile


12/01/2018 arobase SB215

Optimization of patient flow in Emergency Surgery Rooms: A Data Analytics approach.


12/11/2017 arobase SB215
SELMI Haythem selmi

Investigating the connection between Supply Chain Management and Finance.


17/10/2016 arobase SB215
SU Yue YueS Pickup and delivery problems with electric vehicles 15/09/2019 arobase SA249
YU Shaohua yu

Optimization models and methods for tour planning in smart urban logistics


03/10/2017 arobase SB215
ZENG Yizeng zeng   09/01/2018 arobase SB215