NAME PhD Subject Jury + Abstract PDF DEFENSE DATE
SU Yue   Here   05/07/2023
METAIS Marc-Olivier   Here   31/03/2023
CHOUAKI Tarek   Here   01/12/2022
ACHAMRAH Fatima Ezzahra   Here   07/06/2022
ZENG Yizeng   Here   01/02/2022
LAKHMI Najoua   Here   23/12/2021
SANTA MARIA ACEVEDO Gustavo   Here   11/10/2023
SELMI Mohamed Haythem Investigating Interactions between Supply Chain Management and Corporate Financial Management Here   24/03/2021
HAMDAM Sadèque

Optimization models for air traffic flow management 

Here   14/12/2020
YU Shaohua Optimization models and methods for tour planning in smart urban logistics Here   18/12/2020
YUAN Zhe Optimal models for the flexibility of supply chain policies and capacities with uncertain demands Here   19/12/2019
BOUBAKER Selmen Models for Assessing and Improving Supply Chain Agility Here   12/12/2019
VOSOOGHI Réza Shared Autonomous Vehicle - Service Design, modeling, and Simulation Here Here 28/10/2019
MOURAD Abood The synchronization of shared mobility flows in urbanenvironments Here Here 14/06/2019
BOUBAKER Selmen   Here Here 12/12/2019
YUAN Zhe     Here 19/12/2019
DERNIS Mathieu     Here 31/03/2019
AL MAGHRAOUI Ouail Designing for urban mobility: modeling the traveler experience Here Here 04/02/2019
CHU Junfei     Here 21/12/2018
BELAHCENE Khaled Explications pour l’agrégation des préférences — une contribution à l’aide à la décision responsable Here Here 05/12/2018
BOUDELLA Amine     Here 19/09/2018
BENBITOUR Hichame     Here 16/03/2018
CLAISSE Maxime     Here 12/02/2018