December 5-6  2019

The Armand Peugeot Chair (CS - LGI and Geeps-ESSEC Business School and Groupe PSA) with two other research institutes (Chair Energy and Prosperity - Institut Polytechnique de Paris and Institut de la Mobilité Durable - Ecole des Ponts ParisTech - Groupe RENAULT ParisTech) has held a two days conference about Mobility Challenges.

We had discussions about :

  • The driving force of cities in promoting clean transport 
  • New organizational forms for new mobility patterns
  • Fast charging infrastructure for electromobility
  • A roundtable about Vehicles to Everything (VtoX)
  • A Keynote talk from Professor Daniel Sperling (UC Davis) Head of Transportation studies about: Three Revolutions, Steering Automated, Shared and Electric Vehicles to a better future.


Summaries of the talks can be downloaded
Some interviews of the speakers can be accessible