NAME PhD Subject Jury + Abstract PDF DEFENSE DATE
MANSOUR SALAME Joseph Environmental performance as value creation in a company : the case of SNCF Réseau Here   20/04/2023
METAIS Marc-Olivier Vers une mobilité plus propre : développer une infrastructure de recharge pour véhicules électriques     31/03/2023
FAWAZ Salihou Incitations économiques et non-économiques au report modal vers des solutions de mobilité durable Here Here 28/03/2023
LYNCH Arthur Nuclear in decarbonized power systems with renewable energy : Flexibility assessment, modeling framework, and role in the French and Western European electric transition Here Here 13/12/2022
RAVIGNE Emilien Fair climate policies and technical change: essays on the distributional impacts and social acceptability on the path to net zero Here Here 08/12/2022
HORSCHUTZ NEMOTO Eliane Towards a new sustainable mobility paradigm : the role and impacts of automated minibuses in the mobility transition Here Here 25/11/2022
LITTLE Emily The future of cross-border capacity management in Europe Here Here 25/11/2022
JAGU Emma Addressing climate change with carbon dioxide removal : Insights from industrial economics and cooperative games Here   10/11/2022
LAUVERGNE Rémi Impacts and opportunities of new mobilities for the electrical system Here Here 25/11/2022
ASSIS DE SOUZA Thais Responsible Innovation in Mobility Systems : A Support for Governance of Smart and Sustainable Universities Campuses Here Here 13/04/2022
HAIDAR Bassem A Techno-Economic Analysis of the Electric Vehicle Transition: Policy, Infrastructure, Usage, and Design Here Here 10/12/2021
HOARAU Quentin Out with the Pipes, in with the Plugs: On the Economics of the Energy Transition in the Automobile Sector Here Here 16/12/2020
FREITAS GOMES Icaro Beyond mobility : On the economics of electric vehicle's multiple roles in an energy transition framework. Here Here 10/09/2021
GANDIA Rodrigo Innovation in ecosystem business models : An application to MaaS and Autonomous vehicles in urban mobility system Here Here 23/04/2020
PIGNEUR Judith Mise au point d'une méthode intégrée d'analyse des impacts des filières de matières premières minérales Here Here 19/12/2019
TLILI OLFA Hydrogen Systems: What Contribution to the Energy System? Findings from multiple modelling approaches Here Here 07/11/2019
DERNIS Mathieu Modeling and measuring values brought to host country for assisting decisions in In-Country-Value strategies elaboration Here Here 31/03/2019
MOLINIER Robin Analyse économique des éco-parcs industriels : une approche par les transactions pour la valorisation des synergies et la gestion des risques Here Here 28/11/2018
LEURENT Martin Les centrales nucléaires comme une option pour aider à décarboner les secteurs de la chaleur Européens et Français ? Une analyse prospective tehnico-économique. Here Here 21/09/2018
CHEN Yurong How carmakers manage innovation in the electric vehicle ecosystem? Here   14/05/2018